Ford on Tour Across Laos Country Under Slogan Name Born to Be Smart with Ranger Wildtrak

Lao Ford City is running a campaign titled “Born to be Smart with Ranger Wildtrak” at all its branches across the country, along with the introduction of Ford vehicle maintenance through Owner Clinics.The company is providing opportunities for customers to learn how to maintain their cars and improve their driving skills by themselves. Lao Ford City toured all its branches throughout the country starting from the beginning of June with the campaign “Born to be Smart with Ranger Wildtrak”. The purpose of the campaign is to provide knowledge and improve the driving skills of customers in the northern and southern provinces of Luang Prabang, Savannakhet and Champassak, so that people are safer when travelling.This has helped to improve the skills of people who already use Ford vehicles and those who are still deciding whether to buy a Ford vehicle from Lao Ford City, test drive, and learn how to use all the systems of Ford vehicles, including leadership in technology and safety systems. We also designed a test field involving various obstacles that drivers may encounter. These test the ABS brake system with sudden turns, the Traction Control System when the car turns at high speeds, and test points for the level of agility when there are obstacles.From the experience of customers who participated in Lao Ford City’s test drive, it was another impressive experience with Ford’s safety system that can control driving in any situation. Both men and women can safely drive through obstacles. Although the body of the pick-up truck may be larger than any model in Laos, the driver can drive it easily and also improve their driving skills and confidence when it’s time to actually go on a trip. We organised a test drive event along with a presentation on car maintenance by the company’s technical experts on how to use a car and its systems, and know when it is in a real situation. Our experts explained how to check a vehicle before setting out on a journey, warning lights that should not be ignored, and knowledge of the various traffic lights, all of which is relevant to daily life. We would like to thanks our customers from the north and south of the country for showing interest in test driving and participating in the event.


To make things more exciting, we also prepared a variety of prizes for participants, including electrical appliances and souvenirs worth a total value of more than 150 million kip.

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