EcoDay Event

EcoDay Event at Lao Ford City Showroom

On 27th-30th July, Lao Ford City had held up the Eco Day at Lao Ford City in Vientiane. To create this event is to compare our product whit the competitor (Altis). To show our product’s advantage. And in photos above we can see that EcoSport has so many features are better than Toyota Altis. The purpose of this event is to compare EcoSport and Altis to show up our product performance. To support sale team to sale Ecosport go through following goal, this event was held for 4 days and there were 65 participants who interested in our product and visited us for a testing drive. For those who visited us for test drive will get a gift from us such as: pen, keychain pillow and coupon for lucky draw. We are guaranty that EcoSport is a perfect complex SUV car ever.

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