On May 16th 2024, In order to share ideas, the RMA Lao Group arranged a VIP InterCham Networking Night for businesspeople, business owners, NGO, entrepreneur and embassy to discuss how to adapt and cope with the economic crisis. Along with exchanging experiences, on this special occasion, we also had the chance to unveil our exiting project for the year. RMA Lao Group is a company that offers more than just imports of Ford, Land Rover, and Mahindra vehicles as well as heavy machinery and other imports. We also offer financial services, car rental services, catering services, and construction and repair services. it allows all participating customers to speak and elevate it to the highest level

In order to facilitate idea sharing among all Laotian business owners, RMA Lao has long maintained a relationship with AustCham Lao.


The InterCham Networking Night is organized to be an enriching evening of connection, serving as a platform to cultivate synergies and exchange insights among the vibrant business community of Laos represented by the Foreign Chambers of Commerce.

This exciting networking event promises to be an exceptional opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential business ventures while indulging in drinks and delicacies from the Landmark Hotel.

In addition to socializing, in order to relax and create a smile for all those who participated, RMA Lao Group also created excitement for those who participated in this event with a raffle to win prizes prepared by Lao Ford City and Lao Land Rover.

Lao Fort City is proud to be a part of the gathering of businessmen, entrepreneurs, NGOs and embassies this time. We hope you all enjoy and be impressed this time. We are very grateful to the participants and hope to see you all at the next event.

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