Ford Motor Supports UXO Clearance in Xieng Khuang Province

On behalf of the Ford Motor Company, Lao Ford City Co., Ltd., a main distributor of Ford vehicles Laos, has provided funds to support the clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and assist a school affected by unexploded ordnance in Xieng Khuang province.

On April 24, a Lao Ford City team handed over US$20,000 to UXO Clearance Solutions, received by Aaron Hayes, Chief Executive Officer; Michael Vilhelmsen, Project Manager; and Khamphone Saypaseuth, Consultant. UXO Clearance Solutions works to clear unexploded ordnance across Xieng Khuang province. The organisation will use the money to improve and otherwise assist Sixiengmai Primary School. Lao Ford City has been a part of previous social assistance efforts, helping flood victims in Khoun district, Khammuan province. Lao Ford also provided assistance to children with disabilities through the Hands of Hope programme, and provided educational equipment to children at Nongchong school in Chomphet district, Luang Prabang province. This support demonstrates Lao Ford Motor’s and Lao Ford City’s strong commitment to social assistance.

Lao Ford City said surveys conducted and statistics compiled from 2015-2021 reveal that the number of UXO-related accidents at schools is high. Sixiengmai Primary School is located in an area that used to be an old military camp, where there are still some dangerous and unexploded munitions fragments. The school is in a very dilapidated condition, so Lao Ford Motor and Lao Ford City provided funds to UXO Clearance Solutions to complete their field work.

UXO Clearance Solutions is a foreign-owned and managed UXO/ERW clearance company based in Laos. The staff, both Lao and foreign, have decades of history working in this industry and have been key players in establishing the institutions of the UXO sector here. Lao Ford City Co., Ltd. distributes Ford vehicles and provides automotive services, along with helping Lao people in need, as is currently the situation. Lao Ford City staff travel from the northern to the southern provinces in Ford vehicles to provide assistance, using high-performance automobiles that enable drivers to overcome all kinds of challenging road conditions, including rocky surfaces, mud and sand. These vehicles can also carry large loads.

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