Lao Ford City donated the fund to Team Dai

On the last 1-5 December of 2021, Lao Ford City has donated the fund to Team Dai and supported with two pick up cars to be the service car during riding on the road. Firstly, we start to prepare all the things in 1st December and start riding on the 2nd December, on the first day of riding destination starts from Patuxay head to Vangvieng, but we used the way riding around. 3rd December we started from Vangvieng to Hinherp and through out to Meuang Feuang and we spend two nights at Meuang Feuang and then we get to Vientiane

During the way to destination there were a lot of accidents occur on the road, but never the less everyone still rides up until they reach the destination. Wherever they go, Ford Ranger still be by their side to finish this mission and finally we did it. 

About Team DAI: Team Dai is a recreational cycling team based in Vientiane that embarks on a 4 days challenge every year to raise funds for a selected organization in Laos. Since their information in 2008, they have successfully raised funds to support victims of UXO and trafficking, the training of former street children, women living with disabilities, and other causes. And up until now 2021, team DAI together with their sponsors including Lao Ford City has held up this event for donating fund to the Elephant Conservation to help elephant at Sayabury Province.

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