Lao Ford City Supported TAF The Asha Foundation by supporting newly born babies with lack of supplies

During Lao New Year, Lao Ford City together with The Asha Foundation have supported families who have newly born babies but have a lack of supplies by donating clothes, milk, bags and other supplies for babies. As we had received information from The Asha Foundation that there were still many families who need help, such as baby clothes, baby supplies, milk and essential nutrients for the birth of the newborn baby. Lao Ford City has donated fund total amount of 20,000,000 kip to support the patients at Mahosot Hospital, Children’s Hospital & Setthathilat Hospital. We will continue to provide support & donation to society and will continue to provide to those who are in need. Each year our company has  provided support to the society & this practice has been there past many years. Ford Motor Company and Lao Ford City stared to donate funds to the society since 2012 until current as per detail below:

  • 2012 Vegetable plantation program at schools all around in Vientiane Capital donation supported 20,000 dollars
  • 2013 Donated fund to construct School at Ban. Sor – support provided 20,000 dollars
  • 2014 Donated fund to organizations LIRE to the Rescue Team 1623 training – support provided 20,00 dollars
  • 2015 Donated scholarship funds to the LANITH school – 20,000 dollars
  • 2016 Donated fund to Souphanimit international of Laos 25,000 dollars
  • 2017 Supported to organizations Gongfrungos to preserve protect the environment in Laos the value of 25,000 dollars
  • 2018 Donated $ 25,000 to the Organization for Health and Poverty Alleviation
  • 2019 donated $ 20,000 to Humanitarian and Involvement Organization and $ 5,000 to Green Vientiane in total donation of $ 25,000
  • 2020 Donated food and supplies to the military, police, taskforce and paramedics who were responsible to control the Covid 19 outbreak.
  • 2021 Donate $ 5,000 to the Green Vientiane Organization to protect the environment.

Ford Motor Company and Lao Ford City still continues to support in early 2022, the company has donated fund to help the organization as an Ong-Mang Dry Dipterocarp Ecosystem Conservation Center in Savannakhet amount 35,000,000 Kip which will be used to provide the maintenance of conservation. Donated fund to Ban. Sanamxay school 30,000,000 Kip and school in Longsan district, Xaysomboun province in the value of 5,000,000 Kip.
However, even during last Lao New Year –We Lao Ford City supported families who have newly born babies but have a lack of supplies by donating clothes, milk, bags and other supplies for babies as per detail above.

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