Lao Ford City Supported Trash Bin for Infasole   

Vientiane, Laos on August 9, 2022. Lao Fort City held a ceremony to hand over trash bins to Infasole Company. Lao Ford City is the only company that is a distributor of Ford vehicles in Laos & we always see the importance of society, in the past we have supported many parties and today Infasole is another company that we have supported. Infasole is a company owned by Lao people 100%, which aims to help the public sector in waste management tasks such as garbage collection, developing a modern garbage payment system for the public sector to increase the convenience of Lao people in paying for the state garbage collection service. Currently it is officially used in Pakse City, which is one of the best model city in the using modern waste collection service payment system, this system has been expanded to Luang Prabang and Paksan District, Borikhamxay Province as well. Moreover, Infasole Company is also focused on providing knowledge on waste management services within the community at various locations throughout the country and has plans to create a tool to guide how to properly separate garbage to educate Lao people to create awareness in maintaining a sustainable environment.

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