Mobile Service Presentation

Lao Ford City is now offering a mobile service for vehicle maintenance, available for all Ford customers, through the addition of mobile services that customers can request at any time.

The distributor of Lao Ford City Co., Ltd. launched the Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service on February 27, to upgrade services for customers across the country.

The Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service is ready to support Lao Ford City at all branches across Laos.

A presentation by a senior member of staff at Lao Ford City showed how the Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service uses a 2-litre turbo engine with a 4×4 drive system and a complete set of equipment to be fully deployed in the field to provide assistance when necessary.

The rear of the Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service will be equipped with an equipment storage space and an actual operating room, such as a storage compartment for mechanics’ tools, an air pump, air hose and auxiliary battery, a 220V power supply, tool rack, main air pump, water tank, and solar panel.

All of this is aimed at assisting customers who have an emergency while on the road.

The Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service will provide onsite service to customers, which Lao Ford can provide to customers in Vientiane, in the event that a customer cannot take their car to a Ford service centre. If it is not convenient to drive to check or change car engine oil, Ford’s staff can even visit a customer’s home.

The Next-Gen Ford Mobile Service is not only for Ford customers. Lao Ford City is ready to assist companies working in the field such as mining companies, construction contractors, UXO clearance projects, hydropower plants, and other car repair shops.

To give additional privileges to these companies, Lao Ford City will also give free 10 million kip fuel cards to customers who buy cars from today until March 31.

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