Ford Supported Lao Food Festival 2023

The past date 24 January 2023, Lao Woman’s Union together with Business Woman’s Association have officially opened the Lao Food Festival at “Jao Anuvong Park” inside the Event have operator and any head unit business join for promote tourism, including conservation and promotion of culture. Under the slogan : “ promotion of Lao Food to International Recognition”.

The Purpose of the event is promoting the culture and customs on food, lifestyle of Lao people to be connected with the time to internationally, continue to encourage and promote woman producer, animal breeders, cooks, retailer from other province. Mobilizing female entrepreneurs in the production of products to be able to promote domestic product widely and expand to the international. This year have organized competition for cooking sticky rice pudding (khao sungkhayah) and black sticky rice with an aim to prepare the rice for exporting abroad.

In this Lao Food Festival 2023 Lao Ford City company has join support for promoting and continues Lao Product equivalent and export to international.

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