Ford Transit 4×4 Soft Launch

Vientiane Lao; Mar 7, 2022 Lao Ford City at Vientiane Motor Show making a soft opening of Ford Transit 4×4 Conversion via social media and also physical launch at the event in the crowed place more than 800 people saw in that day. This soft opening is presented by Mr. Wayne McIntosh who is directing manager of Lao Ford City and  Mr. Vilaysack Borliboun who is fleet manager of Lao Ford City. We would like to let you know that Ford Transit 4×4 conversion is a modification models which is done by RMA SV team base in Thailand. With included additional feature as per detail below:

-Part time 4X4 Driveline with differential lock.

-Heavy dust suspension for Off Road Driving with upgraded shock absorbers, springs, drive shafts, axle shafts & suspension.

-Ground clearance of 24cm. suitable for any off road conditions.

– Water wading capacity of 80cm.

-Comes with All Terrain tire suitable for both City & Off Road conditions.

-Spare tire mounted at the back of rear door for easy access whenever needed.

-Heavy duty climbing ladder installed at the rear of the vehicle to make it comfortable to store luggage on the roof in case installed roof rack.

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