Owner Clinic Event at Lao Ford City   

Vientiane Laos, on last August 19, 2022. Owner Clinic; The inspection of your car by yourself, Lao Ford City had organized a community meeting called Owner Clinic which we brought all customers who use Ford cars, so that all Ford customers can share their experience in using Ford cars. In addition, it also disseminates technical information about the correct use of vehicles and traffic congestion, with a testimony from Mr. Sanya Bounphenganouhuk, Manager of After-Sales Services. In this event, we have more than 350 participants. And we also have a special gift for those who participated the event. Beside that, we also had lucky draws to win prizes, whether it was electrical appliances, cooler bags, water bottles, umbrellas, mobile phones, bags, etc…Lao Fort City would like to thanks all customers who gave up their time to come to the event and see you again next time.

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